Thursday, January 21, 2010


I guess it was last night or better to say today morning.I remember I woke up once and slept again around 9 am ; that was actually the time i started having the dream today till 11 am , I didn’t actually want to get up but I did . The dream was weird and cool , I saw someone and it was just a short walk in somewhere unknown and a short conversation . The whole dream was really short but when I woke up , i was just wandering and sitting uncomfortably on bed like I wasn’t even in this world.

There are some periods in everyone of us life that we start liking someone and we have no idea why we keep liking that someone and finally we find out that the whole thing was just a weird wrong thought and that someone didn’t have such thought like you did .

I liked it though . Good dreams make the man going ! especially times like now for me.


22_01_2009 Friday

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


its kinda somehow 2:09 AM , 29 december 2009 , tuesday morning ! hi there , whoever is stupid and totally freakin free reading my blog !
p.s: k , m srry , keep readin !
m sittin ( im still nt sure is it really sittin or whatsoever , bt as far as i know , so far , till this age of my life , i call it sittin ! any other suggestion??! ) on my bed half naked , only wif my short and boxer ( of course ! ) . puttin my lovely fingers on the keyboard and pressing the keys to type this awesome blog .
i don really know why im typing this post bt i know that i haven posted over here for a long time !
i just watched 500 days of summer which i downloaded illegally ( yeah , i did, whats ur problem man ??! huh?? ) and . . . i enjoyed it ! i mean , i really did ! i already expected a different love-comedy movie according to what i had heard from friends and people , and i was satisfied and m glad it didn come out surprising !
m kinda packing up and checkin what i need to buy or sell before i leave this lovely country ! ( they call it malaysia btw ! )
ps: i broke the fan ! don ask how ! ( i broke it wif my leg accidentally ! )
hey you all , merry xmas ! santa didn bring anythng for me , even a boxer ! ( don say anythng , m obsessed wif boxers this week )
hmmm, what else i wanted to type ??! nthng more i guess !
ps: m done .
last word: its interesting that whenever i watch a movie , it just makes me think bout the same topic or issue of the movie in my own real life . so did 500 days of summer ! hmm, i donno man ! thats why movies are created to make u think bout ur life and make u turn around and see whats happenin . ' Boys meets girl . Boy falls in love . Girl doesn't ! ' PERIOD !

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Naked Peanuts . . . !

when I was a young boy , my mom took me to a place where you could hear sound ( or better to say , noise ! ) of bunch of instruments ; guitar , sitar , piano , singing and violin . I was blur , lookin around and askin myself ( or maybe my mom ! ) in my head that what the heck m doin here ??!
my mom signed few papers and smiled . that was it and it ended up me lookin at the piano teacher in an empty room ! i never even guessed that it can be the conclusion !
it was boring , tiring and hard . every wednesday , i knew that after school i should go to a place and sit in an empty room with a teacher ( who doesn hav any idea what he is doin and probably has had lots of problems wif his wife last nite ! ) and trying my best to play a bloody piano ! BUT , I never knew whats gonna happen and what is the future cmng through . . .
My mom talked wif the kind lady who was always gossipin and stuff wif some other idiots through the phone and told her to change my teacher because my mom got to the point that m nt makin any sense and whatever the teacher is teachin me is anythng but piano ! i was only 9 smthng , so i was driven into another empty room , doin the same thng wif a new look teacher!
after few years , i tried practicing wif different teachers ; old , young , with mustache , without mustache and . . . ! Bach , Beethoven , Tchaikovsky , Helen and . . . playing everyday and class every week . such a routine !
I never thought that boring and tiring piano can get me to this point , here . i cant even thnk nt playin it anymore ! it might be funny , bt it has happened so many times that i feel so down or m just nt feelin gud , i go and find it , touch the keys and play anythng ! it just makes me feel gud . . . Thanx mom for takin me to that place ! ( Hw did u know its gonna get me here??! :D )

* Recently , found a new indie and electro rock band called The Big Pink which is truly awesome !!! check out Too Young To Love by The Big Pink . . .

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

After a while !

Its quiet a while that I haven blogged . so, its the time , after submitting the final project for illustration , i can sit here and write down what went on in my life !
Last week was . . . ( to be honest , i don really remember anything frm last week , gt memory issues recently ! ) . I do remember I submitted my final Printmaking project (finally ! ) after staying back again in studio . Ah , yeah , i said studio ! our crappy design studio , its roof collapsed ! i know its weird bt it happened ! fuckin awesome , rite ??
last saturday was fun though ! finally all american rejects concert ! lots of jumpin , waitin and standing ! was cool , i guess it was my last concert in malaysia !
these days , nearly to finish the sem 2 . bunch of final projects to do and some deadlines . after two weeks , 3rd sem is coming ! and then , here we go , photography !
my week's big plans! : - m gonna smile endlessly with no pause :D might sound retard bt it affect people around u :D
- finish my digital imaging assignment
- gain sm weight ! ( i hav no idea why everyone's tellin me i look thinner these days ! )
- stop sleepin in toilet in the morning before going to college ! ( its awesome man ! )
- watch inglorious bastards or curios case of benjamin button . both r awesome .
- finish mixing dude's song ! ( Hopefully ! )

question of the week : why the lady in waffle shop gave us free fruits ??!! ( papaya was awesome though :D arigato waffle shop lady ! cheers ! )
oki doki , check out this song too , its stuck in my head these days :D

Kanpai !

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I hate sunglasses .

Lots of things happening around me , but I have no idea why Im still so relaxed and nt really feeling any stress . I was stress first days of week and over the last weekends , thinking over and over on my typography poster . recently , im feeling like the way im thinkin now bout my projects and generally design , is being so different from the way i used to think . thinkin bout reasons and why-s of a project , why am i even doin this ? is there any reason for it ?
Recently , PEOPLE is the word i've been thinkin of . people , the only thing differs one country , one place from the other one . especially when i came back from states and faced some stuffs which were some new and some old , i found out , people over here are REALLY and TOTALLY different !! i cant say how and how much different , you should go and see . . . its just different .
Honesty is the other phrase that i've focusin on :D more specific , pretend is the word . sometimes , we people pretend to be happy despite the fact we're totally down and we're just tryin nt to hurt anyone by showin what we're really feelin . i had a friend that used tell me , people are always wearin masks that don't show their real face behind and what they're really feelin . we're always pretendin , what if once this pretending thing ends and then when smone comes to me to say smthng , says what that person wants to say nt just pretendin .
im just nt making any sense tonite ! m tired , wanna work on my poster in PS nw and . . . gud nite everyone !

* all i can say bout this tune , its just awesome !

Breathe Me

Sia | MySpace Music Videos

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


hey there !
how's been life ? long time no bloggin ! have been doing gud , and nice holidays in US !so far so gud , bt nt really in mood . really need smone to talk to , hopefully could find andrew online ! cheers dude!
i took some pics ystrday when i went LA and universal studios . though i don really like this kinda touristy photo taking :D like carryin a digital camera around and takin pic of sm famous stuffs ! u all hav seen those stuffs in internet and movies , so whats the point ??
Waiting ! did i tell u i hate waitin ?? yes , i do . I deeply do ! i remember i was waiting for my australia student visa last december and also january 2009 , it was awful ! and it gt worse when i found out im rejected !it feels BAD ! m tellin you . . . don ever and never wait for smthng to happen , if it didn happen in the way you want it , just let it go and forget it . life is nt that long that u want to wait for every matter . . . thats my advice :D it may helps one day !
my flight was weird ! 16 hours , one stop in taipei and then lots of food ! oh , includin 2 old chinese dudes on my sides . . . can it be anymore exciting ??!
p.s : wheneva u're nt in mood , just try to sleep then wake up and do smthng really random and don even try to think of what made u sad ! or just go out , chill and then enjoy . . . thats all life is bout ! enjoyin what you got rite now ...!
Kanpai !
A view of LA !

Im nt sure whether you have watched the music video of The River ( song by good charlotte ) bt its the same place they shot it , the famous bridge in LA .

I swear they have litter bins in states !

Universal Studios .

Reminds me of one my friends ! ( definitely the left one , duhh ! )

Some random continuous-photo takin ! i have no idea what it is .

And who says there is only one exit . . . ? look around , there are few !

Tuesday, September 8, 2009